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Jiangxi lasting work summary meeting was held in 2015

At lululemon, we’ve made it our vision to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness. We realize that to do this we need to partner with great people. Our Strategic Sales team partner with local entrepreneurs and athletes who are passionate about elevating their communities. We value quality over quantity, our partners are people who get up every morning fosomething bigger than themselves and inspire others with their enthusiasm and achievements

Under the Strategic Sales umbrella there are three programs designed to spread the yoga love and help raise the level of health in our communities..

wholesale program – we select leading fitness and yoga studios and work with them so they can provide their guests with
technical gear to sweat in

yoga hard goods program – we offer studios (and their guests) essentials like yoga mats, blocks and straps

team sales program – we help teams get into technical athletic gear so they can focus on sweating hard and inspiring their communities